Lightweight Tropical Rucksack

The Lightweight Tropical Rucksack was standardized in 1965 and was issued in the following year to replace the unsatisfactory M1956 and M1961 Buttpacks. It consisted of a water resistant nylon bag with one large compartment and three external pockets, the middle outside pocket is slightly bigger than the other two. The pack was fixed to a tubular aluminium frame.  Very pricey items to purchase, you will find them often in places like EBay, but seldom in good repair for less than $150.00 or more.  The rucksack prevent items being worn on the back of the pistol belt, thus water canteens and other items are hung on the pack, there are straps on each side to hold the canteens down and stop them from flopping when the soldier is on the move.  A machete was usually mounted using the two eyelets located on the top horizontal strap on the pack frame.  The waist strap is not often seen in photographic evidence of field use.  You can tell an older pack frame from the later versions by the middle horizontal back strap.  The older versions did not have this strap (as pictured above), nor provisions for mounting one.  The later versions had small ears welded to the frame, just like the top strap, that would hold the middle strap in place.

Tropical Rucksack

This rucksack has a larger capacity than Lightweight rucksack, with three external pockets. The rucksack is kept rigid by an ‘X’ frame, that is held in place by a central snap at the top back of the pack. 

3 responses to “Rucksacks

  1. Scott Hancock

    Do You Have Any Information On The Mountain Rucks Used By SOG And Reconnaissance Personnel?

  2. I strapped my prc-25 high on my frame and my tropical ruck below, my poncho liner strapped to the pack. Along with extra batteries I carried one or two extra hand sets. hand sets didn’t handle the heat and humidity to well.
    for movement under fire or for a recon the pack could be dropped, along with socks of c-rats. Smoke grenades were kept as would be two canteens, two frags. I carried some food in pockets, maybe candy.

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