Edged Weapons

M7 Bayonet

This is a darkened steel bayonet sharpened on the downside and partially on the upper side. It has a large barrel ring that fits over the flash hider of the rifle.  It has plastic Handles. The attachment to the rifle is at the butt of the bayonet.  Some pristine bayonets still sealed in their foil lined boxes can be found. When you buy one of these, check that it fits onto your M16 bayonet mount. If it doesn’t you may have a M4 or M6 bayonet. Note that a the M7 bayonet will not fit onto an airsoft Vietnam version M16.

M8A1 Scabbard

This is a self sharpening scabbard with attachment to hang from webbing. This one has the leg tie wrapped around the body

Pilots Survival Knife with Sheath

Not just used by pilots, these knives were found in many places in Vietnam.  Not uncommon to see them on the belts or web harnesses of troops.

M1942 Machete

Older Non-Sharpening Sheath

This type sheath is made from a semi-flexible plastic.  The webbing attachment is fixed and doesn’t have the blade sharpening device. This type appears to have stopped being made around 1966.

M1967 Self Sharpening Sheath

A semi-hard plastic sheath with a swivel webbing attachment and self-sharpening device.

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