Squad Leader

Here is the “Look” for what a typical Squad Leader would look like and what he might be wearing.  As the Squad Leader your general appearance is of a rifleman and the differences are very slight.  If you were the enemy spying on a squad, the leader would be the person directing other soldiers, perhaps with arm signals or verbal communication, he might be using a RTO’s radio or reading maps.  But otherwise he would be no different.  Most Squad Leaders prefer to carry the small CAR-15 which is easier to carry when doing other things like talking on the radio, but remember they were not always available to all those who wanted them.  The Squad Leader below is talking on the squad’s PRC.  Squad Leaders, being NCO’s, were entitled to carry an M1911A1 automatic pistol.

A squad leader and his RTO.  Notice the radio is a PRC-10 and the RTO is carrying a fanny pack (seems to be empty) attached to the bottom of the radio carrier.  He has some bug juice in his helmet band.  Squad leader is wearing a lightweight tropical rucksack and frame with a machete attached.  The antenna on the PRC is pulled forward and probably tucked into the loop on the front of the pack straps.

Lets examine this last photo for Squad Leaders.  RTO is a PFC carrying an XM177 carbine.  He has the green bug juice bottle in his helmet band.  The antenna on the PRC is tucked in between his back and the radio carrier frame which would shorten the range of the unit considerably.  The Squad Leader has a pack of smokes stuck in his helmet band.  He is carrying some coiled rope and you can just see the edge of the pack frame on his lightweight tropical ruck.  Notice the radio handset is enclosed in a plastic bag.  Condoms were sometimes used, but this particular picture looks to be a looser plastic bag of some sort.

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