4. Going for “The Look”

Vietnam – Equipment and Uniform

I can not stress enough how important it is to be true to your efforts to obtain “The Look”.  As a devotee to the the mission of portraying the Vietnam Soldier you are representing history.  By taking part in re-enactment you are committing to the task of creating living history.  The soldiers you will be portraying deserve to have you get it right.  Your efforts should not be cheapened by half measures.  Now this sounds serious, maybe stern……and it is.  If you are looking to just play soldier, then stop reading the page now.

If you are a member of a living history group, then read on!  Are you looking for information to start a group and you want to get it right?  Then keep reading!  It is my goal to provide a tool that will help you to reach your goals.  If you find reason to disagree with something I have placed in these pages, by all means contact me.  Dave@lastpatrol.org Tell me what you have found to be wrong or in need of improvement..  State your sources, provide photographic proof if you can.  Please don’t waste time with “My buddy says….” or  “I saw it in a movie….” or  something like that.  Facts and data, not stories and hearsay.  I am striving for absolute fact, for the purpose of creating accurate information for those who have chosen to commit to the task of creating living history for the Vietnam era.  Now, enough preaching, let’s get down to business!!

7 responses to “4. Going for “The Look”

  1. spec4brenner

    Hi guys i am a reenactor and was thinking about starting my own living history group and was wondering how to go about doing that.

    • m151dave

      First you need at least a half dozen guys who feel the same way as you about doing this. Then it takes money to buy the gear, the right gear, not a Hollywood kinda look right approach but a true dedication to the proper look so as to honor those you are choosing to portray.

      Go through the Last Patrol site, there are many goods points for a person starting out. And it is all free.

  2. spec4brenner

    Thanks for the info the website will be a huge help!

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  4. Eddie Marshall

    I recently purchased an M69 flak vest, or what looked to be one however when it arrived I noticed it had Velcro in place where I thought a zipper was supposed to be, does this mean it is a later model or is it still okay for Vietnam reenactment?

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