Tropical Ruck & Frame – Details pt. 2

ADJUSTING AND WEARING RUCKSACK: The rucksack, with any type load attached, should be worn with the lower back strap positioned so that it fits comfortably on the wearer. To adjust the rucksack – adjust waist strap by shortening or lengthening so that it fits around the waist just tight enough so as not to constrict the clothing. Put on assembled rucksack and fasten strap. Adjust shoulder straps so that lower back strap fits comfortably.


Combat Pack: Place heavy objects near the frame, and sharp objects near the center so they will not rub against the bag. Use the side pockets for frequently needed items. Use side web hangers for attachment of canteen(s). Use side flap pocket for storage of maps, camouflage cover, etc.

Sleeping Gear: Sleeping gear and one poncho are normally rolled and secured above the combat pack utilizing the cargo straps.

Waterproof Bag Used for Upper Storage Bag: Where additional storage capability is required for loose items, sleeping gear and mission equipment or supplies, a waterproof bag may be utilized. Arrange items in the bag in such a way as to protect sensitive items from damage after the bag is positioned above the combat pack and secured to the frame by the cargo straps. Heavy items should be wrapped in sleeping gear or extra clothing, and centered above the combat pack to provide a well balanced load, and prevent damage to the rucksack or injury or discomfort to the wearer. This provides additional capacity to meet requirements and provides a built in CACHE capability. The bag can be removed from the frame by loosening the cargo straps and be readily disposed of if the situation so requires.

Conversion of Rucksack to a Packboard: Remove combat pack from rucksack frame. – Remove cargo straps from middle horizontal bar of frame and attach them to bottom horizontal bar of frame.
From outside of frame, insert right metal attachment tab of the cargo support shelf above bottom horizontal bar and behind right vertical bar of frame. Insert left metal attachment tab behind left vertical bar in same manner so that shelf rests on bottom horizontal bar of frame.
From underside of cargo support shelf, lace left and right cargo straps through slots in cargo support shelf.
Place load on cargo support shelf, wrap cargo straps around load, and secure straps to buckles at top of frame.

Conversion of Rucksack to Combination Packboard and Combat Pack: Attach cargo support shelf to Rucksack frame above middle horizontal bar and combat pack in the manner described above. Insert cargo straps through slots in cargo support shelf as described above. Secure load to rucksack.

ADJUSTING RUCKSACK FOR FIRING POSITION: To adjust the rucksack so that it will not interface with the firing of infantry weapons while the wearer is in the prone position, proceed as follows:

For right-handed persons – Grasp the thong on the right shoulder strap lower adjusting buckle and pull forward and upward to release strap adjustment. Shift rucksack toward left shoulder and assume prone firing position.

For left-handed persons – Loosen left shoulder strap. Shift rucksack toward right shoulder and assume prone firing position.

EMERGENCY QUICK RELEASE OF RUCKSACK: In emergency situations where quick removal of the rucksack is required – unsnap fastener of waist strap. Grasp quick release snap fastener tape on left shoulder strap. Pull down on quick release fastener tape, shift rucksack toward right shoulder and let it drop.


Shelf, Cargo Support is an optional piece of equipment authorized on basis of 3 per 10 individuals issued the Rucksack, except for Special Forces who are authorized 1 per individual.

RIFLE BELT HOLDER WITH STRAP is authorized 1 per individual issued the Rucksack, Skis, or Snowshoes when engaged in Mountain Operations. This facilitates carrying the rifle or M79 grenade launcher.

Camouflage Cover, White is required for camouflaging the rucksack when operating in snow covered terrain.
RUCKSACK FRAME: Clean rucksack frame by washing with a damp cloth. Rinse frame with clear water and dry throughly.
Do not sit or jump on rucksack frame.

RUCKSACK FABRIC: Clean straps, combat pack, rifle butt holder and strap, by washing in a warm solution of mild soap or detergent. Rinse with clear water and dry throughly in the shade or indoors.

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