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There is one thing that needs to be made clear right up front……

If you are wanting to join the Last Patrol so that you can just play soldier, then this is not a group for you. The Last Patrol is a living history group. This means that we are devoted to getting it right. The uniforms, the language, equipment, hair styles, eyeglasses, weapons… name it. It is important that the era we portray is correct and accurate. History is just that, history. No artistic liberties, no Hollywood bullshit, no toy soldiers. If you are up to that challenge, then this is the group for you, proceed to the next step…….

Email us at

Please give your name, address, age, and reliable contact information. It would be great if you would note any military experience you may have.

You will be contacted by a member of the group and informed about the next meeting and invited to attend. Please come on over to the meeting and visit with us. Ask questions, check us out and make sure this is something you want to do. Accumulating the equipment needed to participate can represent a sizable monetary commitment, please be sure before you commit to the group that this is something you are willing to do. While you are checking us out, we will be doing the same to you. We will be asking you questions. This is important so that we all get to know each other at the onset to your signing up.


We are currently applying for our corporate charter and 501c3 nonprofit status. Once this is done, we will be actively seeking donations and grants to further develop the teams high value assets.

Active duty or prior military service is not a requirement. While it is a plus, it is by no means necessary. It just makes it easier to understand some of what is going on.

19 responses to “Joining the Last Patrol

  1. Reed Rupp

    Just found your site and first off it looks GREAT. Where are you guys located at in Kansas? My name is Reed and weve had a unit here in Leavenworth for about 7 years or so now that portrays the 101st durring the 65-early 67 time frame.Most of us were doing nam impressions way before we organized with our vast collections. We have had several large public events in the last few years, 3 tacticals with our small group of cong, but hopefully in the next few years we hope to have more after most of us get done with deployments.

    Great to know that theres more guys in our neck of the woods doing the same as we are. Now knowing that you guys are out here, we will try to keep you informed on events that were hosting/attending and hopefully can meet up and head into the bush together.


  2. matt Roberson

    Please email, Or call me with info on your unit ie; location, requirements etc. Im leaving WWII reenacting of 8 years, Was 17 years in. ( 82nd, 101st, 2nd Rangers.) got out in aug 06.

    Matt Roberson
    (417)316-1167 cell

  3. I’m back Home and Ready to Honor our Nam Vets

  4. m151dave

    No plans at this time. Do you have any details about the event you could forward?

  5. Looks like you guys are doing a great job of keeping that era alive. I never served in nam but was a member of the Kentucky National Guard during that era and then some. (1971-1998)

    To bad your group is not in my area, (Kentucky) I would love to participate in such a venture.

    Keep up the good work.

    Gary Thomas
    K.N.G. Ret.

    • m151dave

      Thank you for the good word. We need to recruit new members, so any time you want to move to Kansas…….

      We have undertaken a new project in partnership with the museum. We have started building a Deuce and a alf gun truck. Most the armor is cut and installed, I cut the rest with some of the team tonight. Hope to weld it all together real soon.

  6. Larry Shook

    I am looking for the last patrol that performs at the VN reunion in Melboufrne Fl each year. I am putting together a program and would like your participation. Please contact me. I am a 3 tour Vietnam Vet. The program will be on Feb 18 at he VFW Home in Ft McCoy, Fl

    • m151dave

      Sorry but we are not the team you are seeking. We are located in Kansas and have never worked outside of the state. I am not sure how to contact the guys you are looking for.

      I do want to thank you for your time and service in Vietnam. 3 tours is hard core!

  7. dave

    hi, i’m a viet nam vet also. incountry 69-70-71. served with 101st Airborne Division 4th battery 77th ARA and 2nd 502 Strike force recon

  8. my name is Gene “easy ” rider u.s.m.c. Brother of Michael Martin and known by his daughter Andy Martin..

  9. I am a member of “the last patrol”

  10. If this is :the last patrol” and Michael J.Martin and Tim Holiday are the start-Then I have the right website.

    • m151dave

      This group is located in Augusta Kansas at the Kansas Museum of Military History. I am sorry but I do not recognize your name

  11. Sorry about the mix-up have it right now.Easy Rider

    • m151dave

      No problem buddy! Glad to know you are getting hooked up with a group. Hope this web site will help you out.

  12. Greg Hunt

    I have with surprise that there is an interest in reenacting and remembering Vietnam and just post-Vietnam era.. spent years suppressing it. Yet, I have found even though… revisiting these old items seems fill a strange need, to reassess and make peace finally even after 40 plus years… in the end.. so I think it is good medicine for us, to revisit and share what we know with a new generation that seems interested….. we did not meet a kind those days…

    • m151dave

      I am very happy to hear you have reached a good place with you life. It is good medacine to move past those days and not suppress them. God Bless and thank you for your sacrifice and service!

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