Article 3 – TO&E

There exist three levels of uniform and equipment requirements. The third level, while not required, will complete the impression satisfactorily, and is recommended for those who are serious about their impression.

All clothing and equipment must be kept serviceable. Hair is to be of a military appearance. Facial hair must be neatly groomed and regulation standard. No established facial hair such as beards, handle bar mustaches, goatees, etc. . If you wear glasses, you need to use a set of vintage frames or contacts for events.

Level 1: Basic Clothing and Equipment

Remember we have not earned the right to wear these uniforms or insignia, so go steady as we don’t want to offend Veterans. When worn they must relate to the age of the wearer and rank.

Combat Clothing
___Coat, Men’s, Cotton, Poplin or Rip-stop, OG-107 (Type III- Jungle)
___Trousers, Men’s, Cotton, Poplin or Rip-stop, OG-107 (Type III- Jungle)
___Undershirt, OG-109
___Belt, Trouser, Combat, Black with Open Faced Buckle
___Boots, Combat, Jungle Climate, Spike Protective
___Hat, Sun, OG-107, R/S or Poplin (Boonie) OR Hat, OG-106 (ball cap)
___Tags, Identification (“Dog Tags”), with neck chain and extension

Field Equipment
___Helmet, Steel, M1 with Mitchell Pattern Cover and Elastic Band
___Suspenders, Load Bearing, M-1956 or M-1967
___Belt, Pistol, M-1956 or M-1967
___Pouch, Ammunition, Universal, M-1956 of M-1967 (2 minimum) if Rifleman
___Cover, Canteen, M-1956 or M1967 (2 minimum)
___Canteen, 1 quart, Plastic (2 minimum)
___Cup, Canteen, M1910 (aluminum or stainless steel)
___Pouch, First Aid, M-1956 or M-1967
___Cover, Entrenching Tool, M-1956
___Tool, Entrenching, M-1951 (preferred) OR Tool, Entrenching, M-1943
___Pack, Individual, M-1956 or M-1967
*Upon completing Level One, members are awarded the rank of Private First Class.

Level 2: Advanced Field Gear
___Primary Weapon – see weapon list.
___Bayonet for Weapon – see weapon list
___Bandoleer, or specialized ammunition carrier for weapon
___Poncho, Rubberized, OG-207
___Liner, Poncho, ERDL Pattern with Center Seam
___Flashlight, Angle Head, MX Series (no guard around switch) with filters.
___Vest, Protective, Flak, M-1952 or M-1969
*Upon completion of Level Two, the member is eligible for CPL or SPC-4 Rank Promotion.

Level 3: Optional Items For Your Impression
___Mattress, Pneumatic
___Carrier, Sleeping, M-1956 (spaghetti straps) or M-1967
___Rucksack, Lightweight, M-1963 with Frame T62-1 OR
___Rucksack, Tropical
___Gas Mask, M17, M17A1*
___Personal Items such as foot powder, sun tan cream, toiletries, neckerchief, etc.*
___Towel, OD*
___Insect Repellant Bottle
___Period Weapons Cleaning Equipment for troopers chosen weapon
___PRC Radio with accessories
___Medic’s Bag with supplies
___Knife, Combat
___Lensatic compass and case, military issue – Required for officers and senior NCOs’*
___High Capacity Canteen
___Machete with period cover*
___Wristwatch, Period, commercial or military*
___Grenades, Smoke or Fragmentation (inert)*
___Any period items that add to your impression

*Upon aquisition of the items marked with an *, member is qualified to receive a position as Sergeant (E5 or greater) when available. Senior NCO and officer positions will be decided when the need arises.

Approved Individual Weapons:
___M1911A1 w/ holster for Sergeants, M60 Gunner, M79 Gunner, Officers, Medics

___M-16A, M16A1, or XM177E2*
___M7 Bayonet with M8A1 Scabbard (M-16 Rifle)

___M-14 Rifle (optional with correct optics for sniper use)**
___M6 Bayonet with M8A1 Scabbard (M-14 Rifle)
___Machinegun, M-60
___Launcher, Grenade, M-79

*Currently the use of blanks will be prohibited, until such time as the unit has had a chance to review the policies governing pyrotechnical use. Weapons therefore must be inactive and not capable of firing blanks or live ammo. Demilled or airsoft weapons are strongly encouraged for the moment.
All troops carrying the M-16 are REQUIRED to have an M-16A1 or XM177E2. The M-16 will be the standard 20″ barrel. It must be early configuration: early rear site, triangle handguards, bayonet lug, straight pistol grip, solid or early trap door buttstock, three prong flashider or full bird cage.
** The M14 as a sniper rifle – One will be allowed in the field at a time and it must be equipped with one of the following scopes: ANPVS-2 or ARTEL.

6 responses to “Article 3 – TO&E

  1. Rafael Favela Jr.

    I would like to know if the Last Patrol is recognize as a Veterans Organisation a like the
    vfw, DAV. American Legion

  2. Roy Taylor

    All of the weapons you use in your unit all airsoft weapons?

    • m151dave


      Most of them are. We do this for a number of reasons. First is that we do not shoot as part of our living history display. This allows visitors to get a lot closer to the equipment and staff throughout the days event. Next, if one happens to be stolen, we do not have a lethal weapon on the loose. When we exhibit on an air base or other federal installation, this makes getting on base a lot easier. A few of the weapons are Japanese metal dummy guns or in the case of my M-60 a demilled weapon, cut and welded back together and no internal parts.

  3. Chris Judy

    Does the rucksack have to be the lightweight jungle or could it be the ARVN rucksack?

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