Article 2 – Unit Admin

Unit Field Structure

The goal for structure of the unit will be based on platoon strength with mechanized support. The number of active members and the assignment of squads will be loosely based on event attendance.

No individual will be permitted to hold or display rank earned in another unit. New members, regardless of previous affiliation with other groups, will enter The Last Patrol at the rank of Private. Exception will be made in the following circumstance only. If the CO recommends that a new member come in with a standing rank, and the new member has completed equipment levels one through three, the officers and NCOs will vote to approve the new member’s rank.

Rank Assignment

The rank structure will be based on the following positions while retaining flexibility at the discretion of the Officers and NCOs. Unit CO will consist of one First Lieutenant acting as the platoon leader. There will be an E6 acting as Platoon Sergeant. One E5 Sergeant per squad as squad leader. One Corporal per squad acting as assistant squad leader. Specialist 4th Class will be assigned to those members performing “specialized” tasks such as radio operator, etc.. Further adjustments will be made should the number of personnel require it. This is the basic structure, situations may dictate different requirements, such as multiple corporals or Spec-4’s in the same squad and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Basic requirements for the various ranks are outlined below:

Private – All new members enter the unit at the rank of Private.
Private First Class – A member automatically receives the rank of PFC upon the attainment of equipment level 1.
Specialist Fourth Class – A member may obtain the rank of SPC-4 by being a member in good standing and possessing all of equipment levels 1 and 2 and possessing or having ready access to specialized equipment required to perform his duties.
Corporal – A member may obtain the rank of Cpl. by being a member in good standing of the unit for six months. Additionally, a Cpl. must possess all of the equipment in levels 1, 2, and at least five items from level 3. The candidate then must receive a recommendation from both his squad leader and the CO. This rank is also dependent on unit size and current needs.
Sergeant – Sergeants will be selected from Cpl’s who are pulled from their existing squad in order to create an additional squad. This rank is dependent on unit size and current needs.

Order of The Day

Each individual shall be required, as stated in Article III, to bring all level one gear to each event. If levels two or three are required, it shall be the responsibility of the CO to notify all members of the unit two weeks in advance or a soon as requirements are made aware if the notification is short than two weeks as to the prescribed additions/ substitutions.

One week prior to any event, the CO shall issue an order of the day to each squad leader. That order shall list all items required to be carried or worn by each individual in the field. The CO will communicate that order by issuing a copy of Article III to The Last Patrol web page with the appropriate items marked. It shall also be the CO’s final decision as to whether or not an individual can participate in the day’s events without having all items required by the list.

2 responses to “Article 2 – Unit Admin

  1. Adam


    Yet again a fantastically helpful page…is there any chance you could upload the eqiupment attainment levels. I am only 16 but the Living history group here in Northern Ireland said they would be happy for me to start a vietnam section…some guys want to help me get it started (they already have a variety of equipment eg blank firing “slab version” m16 rifles) A few of the guys my age have been with the club since they were 13 and great firends of mine, we feel the club is missing a major part of war time living when they don’t represent vietnam possibly due to them being extremly dedicated to a ww2 representation.


  2. m151dave

    Thank you for the good words!

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