Article 1 – Basics

Unit Purpose

The purpose of this unit is to portray the military personnel of the Vietnam War. To honor the veterans, our authenticity in uniforms and equipment standards will be of the highest standard both in the field and in barracks. These standards are not meant to deter prospective members, but to outline the expectations that we have of our membership. Only by creating and maintaining such high standards in uniform, equipment, and attitude can we respectfully represent the veterans of this conflict.

These Bylaws and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are the standards by which the unit will conduct itself in order to affect our stated purpose. All Bylaws and rules will be strictly upheld.

Membership Requirements

The Last Patrol requires that all of the members adhere to the requirements listed in Articles 1-3 of this document. Failure to adhere to any of these requirements is grounds for dismissal from the unit. In order to maintain The Last Patrol standards, a certain level of devotion is expected from its membership. The Last Patrol must be the primary Vietnam living history unit that the member is affiliated with. Membership invitations are extended to individuals based on the majority recommendation of the active membership. This is to ensure that each candidate is willing to contribute to the unit and maintain the camaraderie of the group. Application can be made to the unit through any standing member. Standing members are obligated to explain the unit standards and ensure the applicant is aware of how serious the membership takes their responsibilities.

Membership Status

When a probationary member attains all of the requirements for Private First Class, they become a Member in Good Standing. If a Member in Good Standing fails to attend 50% of the events for a reenacting season, they are automatically moved to Associate Membership. An Associate Member enjoys all of the privileges of the unit in the field and within the unit. The only difference between an Associate Member and a Member in Good Standing is voting privilege. Associate Members are not allowed to vote on unit business.

Unit Dues

In the event that a majority (80%) of the membership feels that a treasury needs to be established, each member of The Last Patrol will be required to pay annual dues as deemed necessary. The purpose of dues is to provide a mechanism to purchase goods and equipment for unit activities. Annual dues may be increased by obtaining a simple majority in a general membership vote.

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