Big Boys Toy Show 1/5/08

The Last Patrol had an opportunity to work with the Kansas Museum of Military History and the mobile UH-1H Vietnam
era helicopter. Members of the Patrol are helping to restore this aircraft. The support of the Patrol to the project brings a nice presentation to the public of the Vietnam era. Supporting the exhibit were Patrol troopers Brad Wise, John Bierens, Jay Schlereth, and David Brubaker

We brought some of our equipment to help with the presentation. Equipment in this picture comes from the collections of
Brad Wise and David Brubaker

The helicopter made for an impressive exhibit. Tony Jancosek from theKMMH mans the table

Jay Schlereth (L) and Dave Brubaker (R) speak to a Vietnam era Veteran about his experiences and our exhibit

The helicopter had a battle ready look to it

The freshly restored nose section was a good sign of some if the progress the restoration is making

We had two candidates petition for membership to the Patrol, but they did not meet the uniform requirements.

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