Mulvane Parade


The Last Patrol was able to partner with the Huey Project of the Kansas Museum of Military History and ride with them in the Old Settlers Parade in Mulvane, Kansas.

With that mission in mind we began equipping the chopper.

Just outside of Mulvane we stopped to pick up team member Jay Schlereth and we discovered we had a loose rotor! Our tie down had broken, so we effected repairs on site.

Bob Wilson climbed up to snag the trailing rotor so we could lash it back down.

Patrol members Dave Brubaker (L) and Bob Wilson (R) getting ready for the ride.

Patrol member Brad Wise took a turn at the controls, manning the Pilot’s seat.

Patrol member Jay Schlereth (L) and Gary McBeath (R) along with one of the regular Army troops who were in the Bradley Fighting Vehicle just ahead of us.

Huey Project member Randy Hughes in the Co-Pilots seat.

Members of the Last Patrol in a post parade pose

On the parade route, Huey Project member Steve Canaby is at the wheel of the tow vehicle.

While loading up for the trip to Mulvane, a neighbor came over in uniform and asked if he could pose with the chopper for old times sake.

(L-R) Steve Canaby, Randy Hughs, Cahn, David Brubaker, Gary McBeath, Bob Wilson

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  1. m151dave

    Neither of those addresses are any of our troops. We are located in Wichita Kansas. PA is a bit our of our reach

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