MKMVPA Military Vehicle Rally

Camp Bird

The Last Patrol’s first


The Last Patrol is a living history group which has undertaken the mission of informing the public about the vehicles, equipment and lifestyles of theVietnam soldier.  To that end, the Patrol has committed to creating encampments, like the one you see here, as a medium for the exhibition of the equipment and a backdrop to the members of the patrol who strive to maintain the history of the Vietnam conflict in detail.  Each encampment is named for a different Kansas Vietnam
Veteran who served his country with distinction.  This encampment is named Camp Bird in honor of Captain Samuel

Captain Bird was the Old Guard detail commander for the funeral detail of President John F. Kennedy.  In Vietnam, while
serving with Bravo Company, 2nd/12th Calvary, 1st Cavalry Division, he was renowned for his commitment to his troops. 
He constantly put the welfare of his men ahead of his own.  On January 27, 1967, his last day in country and his
27th birthday, he was severely wounded during a helicopter assault.  Captain Bird suffered through 17 years of pain related to his injuries.  On October 18, 1984, Captain Bird succumbed to his wound and passed away. 

Camp Bird is dedication to this soldier’s memory.


Out of the dark looms our latest creation.  A twelve foot tall guard tower bearing the name of the camp.

Some shots of our command tent




Aid Station


Our Air Unit, courtesy of the Kansas Museum of Military History

And then there was the Motor Pool component of the camp


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